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Yeastar and Zoho CRM Integration

Seamless 2-way synchronization to skyrocket productivity for your sales, supports and phone agents.

Handle Conversations Faster, Easier, and Smarter.

Integrate the power of Yeastar with Zoho and add advanced call handling functionality to your business CRM and other Zoho SaaS applications.

Yeastar PBX System offer 400 + phone system features with strong presence in mobility and Unified Communications to boost your team efficiency and sales results.

Both your CRM and business phone system are vital tools to keep track of business interactions with customers. And merging the two achieves the best performance of both. Using VoIP-CRM integration allows you to auto-exchange data between two platforms and build relationships one conversation at a time. Your agents, representatives, or managers can boost efficiency with streamlined dialling, auto call logging, and provide a happier experience with real-time customer info upon incoming calls.

Yeastar PBX systems are CRM-friendly and support integration with popular CRM solutions with access to Asterisk Management Interface (AMI). Read on to learn what CRM platforms and integration features are supported now.

Various Zoho SaaS Applications Support.

Yeastar certified official integration with multiple Zoho applications – all in one simple integration process.

*Integration support for Zoho Desk is dependent on Zoho and will come soon.

Click to Call

Instantly dial leads right from Zoho where your customers information is fully available.


Features like IVR, Call Recording and Linkus UC softphone are all-inclusive in Yeastar PBX System.

Call Journal

Sync your call data to Zoho automatically in real-time to help you keep track of every conversation.

Call Pop-up

Auto unfolds your contact profile so you can easily view account details and be prepared before answering a call.

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