Yeastar P-Series IP PBX Telephone system for your Business - Unified Communications

yeastar p-series-ip-pbx

Yeastar P-Series (P550 / P560 / P570)

- 3 models to fit SMEs with up to 500 users - Enhanced hardware performance - Flexible modular design to customize telephony interfaces - NFC tag behind the Yeastar logo

PBX Plus More Values & Possibilities

For diversified SME needs

  • A complete system evolution
  • More values to SME customers at a better price
  • Consistent experience across mobile, desktop, and browser
  • Flexible, adaptable, and future-proof
  • Work seamlessly with existing structures and critical business process
Yeastar P-Series

Yeastar P-Series (P550 / P560 / P570)

  • 3 models to fit SMEs with up to 500 users
  • Enhanced hardware performance
  • Flexible modular design to customize telephony interfaces
  • NFC tag behind the Yeastar logo

All the superior PBX features, included with the Yeastar P-Series

Business Features

BLF Support
Business Hours & Holidays
Call Allow/Block List
Call Recording
Custom Prompts
Emergency Number
Emergency Notifications
Import & Export
Mobility Extension
Music on Hold
MOH Playlist
Microsoft Teams Integration
Remote Extensions
Speed Dial
T.38 Fax
Fax to email
Personal Voicemail Greeting
Voicemail to email
WebRTC Audio Call

Telephony Features

Call Forwarding
Call Monitoring (Listen/Whisper/Barge-in)
Call Parking
Call Pickup
Attended Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
CID-based Call Routing
DID-based Call Routing
Conference Rooms
Dial by Name
DID (Direct Inward Dialling)
DOD (Direct Outward Dialling)
DND (Do Not Disturb)
Ring Group
CDR & Basic Reports

Administration & Security

Web-based User Portal
Granular User Role
Extension Bulk Import
Trunk Bulk Import
Extension Group
Built-in SMTP Server
Event Logs
Event Notifications
Network Drive
Backup and Restore
Operation Logs
SRTP & TLS Encryption


Password Policy Enforcement
Auto Defense
Static Defense
IP Blocklist
Security Alerts via Email

Unified Communications

CRM Integration

Linkus Mobile Client (iOS & Android)
Linkus Desktop Clientt (Windows & MacOS)
Linkus Web Client
Click to Call Chrome Extension
Linkus Select & Dial with Hotkey
Audio Conferencing
– Company Contacts & Personal Contacts
– Sync contacts across Linkus UC Clients
Unified Messaging
Operator Panel

  • Unlimited Users
  • Dispatch Active Calls (Redirect, Transfer, Hang up, Record, Park, Monitor)
  • Monitor Call Status (Inbound, Outbound, Extension, Parked Calls, Ring Group, Queue)
  • Unified Presence
    Switch Presence Status
    Switch Business Hours

Yeastar P-series Unparalleled User & Management Experience

Fresh-Modern-and-User friendly

Fresh, Modern, and User friendly Web Interface


Extension Group for Extra

yeastar nfq

NFC Write/Read for IP Address Configuration


Smart and Custom Voicemail Greetings


Role-based Granular


Expanded Presence
Status Options

Fast Installation and Automatic Phone Provisioning

  • Work out of the ”box” with quick plug and-play installation.
  • Automatic phone provisioning saves loads of time configuring IP phones.
    – The IP phone’s mac address will be detected and you can bulk configure phones with the same model from the same manufacturer.
  • Support IP phones from Yealink, Fanvil and more IP phones are coming soon.

Yeastar P-Series Operator Panel

Gain Complete Control of the Call Flows

  • Intuitive and visualized web based console.
  • Manage incoming calls based on the real-time availability of employees.
  • Drag and drop on the panel to dispatch calls to extensions, ring groups, and queues.
  • Click to transfer, park, pick up, hang up, monitor, etc.
Yeastar Operator

Every SME Needs a Call Center Solution

Yeastar P-Series PBX System tightly integrates call center and unified communications capability to put everything you need on a single, integrated system to impress your customer, empower your agents, and elevate your business.

Practical Features

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Agent & Supervisor Portal
  • Wallboard, SLA notification & rule
  • Advanced queue reports


  • Improve inbound call center productivity
  • Real-time queue performance & statistics
  • Instantly control queue calls
  • Boost customer experience


  • 16 Key Performance Metrics
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Flexible Calculation Time Frame
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Multi-screen Display
Yeastar wallboard

Queue Panel

  • Drag & Drop Call Management
  • Visualized Active & Waiting Calls
  • Complete View of Agent Status
  • Real-time Queue Metrics Display
  • Role-based Feature Access Control
Yeastar wallboard

Native Contacts Management

  • Access a shared directory of external contacts.
  • Create and manage personal contact entries.
  • Find the contact number and dial out quickly.
  • Display a known caller’s name on the screen.
  • Sync Contacts across Linkus UC Clients.
Company Contacts50,000200,000500,000
Personal Contacts100200300

Linkus UC Clients: Stay Connected Anywhere Anytime

Yeastar video-call
  • Single phone number, universal directory, enterprise telephony, reduced call costs.
  • Check colleague’s presence and availability for efficient collaboration.
  • Same calling experience from desktop, mobile, and browser.
  • Work from anywhere quickly and securely, and stay engaged and productive
Yeastar P-Series Enhanced Linkus Web Client
Combine calling, meeting, collaboration, and more in one place.


Make and receive calls directly through the web browser anywhere anytime.


Work from Anywhere

Stay connected anywhere with secure and hassle-free remote access.



Bring teams and customers closer together no matter where they are.


UC Features

Enterprise & personal contacts, presence, voicemail, call history,  operator panel.

Yeastar P-Series Integrated Video Conferencing Solution

Empower your work-from-anywhere teams with engaging collaboration experience

Remote Teams

Online meetings keep staff working from different locations
collaborative and on the same page.


Natural Conversation

A humane way to communicate with nonverbal cues, quickly reach mutual understandings and achieve faster actions.


Beyond Your Organization.

Instead of a sense of distance, virtually meet with external participants, whether your customers or other peers.

Customer Use Cases


Work in the Office

Flexible terminals: IP phone, desktop/mobile softphone. Communicate effectively with customers and colleagues who might not work in the office. Operator Panel provides a visual console and improves efficiency.


Service Center

Check real-time call center metrics and KPIs from the Wallboard and get advanced call center reports. All the tools agents and supervisors need to manage calls in one Web interface. Deliver exceptional customer service and maximize agent efficiency


Mobile & Remote Workers

Turn your desktop PC, or mobile phone into an office extension; never miss a call. Secure communications and consistent in-office experience. One number reach to present a professional corporate image


Multiple Offices

A distributed workforce is connected on a single UC system and unified with free and secure interoffice communications. A unified corporate number providing the branch office with an appearance of corporate unity. Lower operational and communication costs.

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