Snom D725

D725 Desk Telephone

For when you need a complete overview of all calls at your fingertips

The D725 has 18 freely programmable multi-colour function keys in three rows – a design that allows D725 users to have a complete overview of all calls at their fingertips. This, combined with the ability to support up to twelve SIP identities, makes the Snom D725 handset an ideal candidate for intensive phone usage.

The D725’s Gigabit Ethernet switch meets demanding telephony connectivity requirements, while its USB port enables the use of accessories for greater connectivity options. The optional D7 expansion module can be attached for additional function keys. The advanced speaker and microphone system and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) ensure that the D725 delivers cutting-edge audio performance with superior, crystal clear call quality.

Quick Summary

Elegant design
18 multi color function keys
Wideband audio
USB Port
Gigabit switch
12 SIP identities
VLAN support
Warranty 2 years