Epygi Unified Communications

The QX20 IP PBX is designed for offices with as many as 32 users. The QX20 can support up to 32 IP devices and 10 concurrent calls. SIP trunking allows for the QX20 to connect directly to an ITSP with no additional equipment. The QX20 includes a firewall and SIP Intrusion Detection for optimal  security. E1, T1, FXO and FXS ports can easily be provided using the Epygi QX Gateways.

Epygi UC 80

Epygi’s QX products are compact, fully rack-mountable and housed in a metal enclosure. They are made to mix and match for a fully customizable system to fit every consumer’s specific needs. With the purchase of a rack-mounting kit, the units also come with two DC power cables for power  redundancy. With built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support, Epygi’s QX IP PBXs and Gateways are SIP-compliant and designed for a more user-friendly experience. Our PBXs come with a wide range of useful telephony features specific to your company’s unique needs with ease of installation, maintenance and use. The Gateways can be utilized to include additional FXO, FXS, T1 or E1 ports to any of Epygi’s or other manufacturer’s IP PBXs. Integrating an Epygi QX Gateway with any QX IP PBX allows for the Gateway to be managed through the IP PBX’s GUI. Epygi is also cross-certified with a broad selection of IP phones and SIP trunk providers, in order to provide you with a completely integrated communications package.


Telephony PBX Features

Auto Attendant with standard and customizable scenarios
Call blocking, forwarding, hold, transfer,
Call Relay and call waiting
Caller ID detection and hiding caller ID
Voicemail system
Voicemail notification via SMS/email
Caller ID-based voicemail profile
Call park, call pickup, paging, intercom
Distinctive ringing
Speed dial
Many Extension Ringing
Call hunting
Call back from Auto Attendant
Emergency Call Alert
Hold music
Call history
Do Not Disturb
Global speed dial
Find Me / Follow Me
Unified Messaging
Three-way conferencing
G3 fax support: T.38 and clear channel fax
Universal Extension Recordings
Busy auto redial
Directory assistance
Phone Book
Authorized Phones
Dial plans (call routing), time of day routing
Scheduling, Day/Night Switching
Dial & Announce (D&A)
Class of Service
Call queue
Calling Cost Control*
Call Recording (10 ports)*
Conference Server*
Audio (16 ports)/Video (8 ports)
iQall Advanced Features

eQall Softphone*

PC-Based Application
Desktop Communication Console (DCC)*
QX-Quadro Configuration Console (QCC)
Epygi Media Streamer (EMS)
Voice and Video Features
Voice Coding:
G.711, G.726 (16, 24, 32, 40 Kbps),
G.729A, iLBC (13,33 kbit/s, 15,2 kbit/s);
VAD, CNG, G.168 echo cancellation
G.722 and G.722.1 pass-through
point-to-point HD call, OPUS
Video Coding:
H.263, H.263+ and H.264 pass-through
point-to-point video call
VoIP Encryption:
VoIP Signaling:
In band & out of band signaling support

Connectivity Physical interfaces
Premise connections:
1 LAN Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T port (RJ-45)
1 Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T port (RJ-45) for redundancy connection
Uplink connections:
1 WAN Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T port (RJ-45)
Audio port connections:
Line-in/line-out (line-in signal level – 0.5V
RMS, Line-out Rload – 600Ohm to
10K Ohm)
USB connections:
USB host, type A
USB OTG, mini type AB
IP Phones
12 IP phones by default
20 additional IP phones may be added with feature keys
All IP phones can be connected both from
LAN or WAN side or as remote extensions
Auto provisioning support for all IP phones
from selected manufacturers
PnP configuration support for the most of
IP phones from selected manufacturers Auto configuration using OpenVPN service for some of selected IP Phones

Auto Attendants and Virtual extensions
Auto Attendants:
Up to 100 Auto Attendants can be added
Virtual extensions:
Up to 100 virtual extensions can be
System Capacity
Up to 10 simultaneous VoIP calls with
external parties
Unlimited station-to-station calling for
IP phones
Memory Storage
microSD card
STUN/Network Address Translation (NAT)
traversal (RFC 3489)
IPSec VPN with 3DES and AES encryption
in tunnel mode (RFCs: 2402, 2406, 2409)
Automatic Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
keying support
Firewall security via:
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Policy and service-based filtering Stateful
inspection firewall
SIP Intrusion Detection System (SIP IDS)
DHCP server on the LAN side
DHCP client on the WAN side
DNS server with forwarding functionality

System Management
Multilingual web interface accessible from LAN and WAN (HTTP/HTTPS)

Password control
User rights management
Remote diagnostics and software upgrade
VoIP Carrier Wizard
Download/restore configuration
Legible and editable configuration files
Auto-configuration of IP phones via TFTP
and HTTP 
SNMP monitoring and configuration
Third Party Call Control (3PCC) XML RPC*
Reset button with factory reset option
Extension status watching (with DCC)
Custom language pack
System event notification via SMS/email
Emergency recovery
System status LED
Remote testing
Network diagnostics
Security diagnostics
System logs, SIP IDS logs
Call capture
Billing and Statistics
Radius Client (RFCS: 2865, 2866), Call
Detail Records (CDR)

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