Snom D715
Snom D715

Snom D715

Snom D715

D715 Desk Telephone

A professional desk phone with high-speed connectivity and high-quality audio

The D715 is designed to provide the professional worker with the best in high-speed connectivity combined with high-quality audio. The integral Gigabit switch provides future proofing and, combined with the USB port, enables high levels of flexibility and functionality. The USB port can connect a USB headset, a D7 expansion module or Wlan. The phone is available in black and white.

Featuring a four-line black and white graphical display, the D715 also has four context sensitive keys, an intuitive, user-friendly menu and five programmable keys with built-in LEDs for visual call indication. It supports four SIP identities. Dual stack IPv4 / IPv6 ensures future proofing. The D715’s combination of features and affordability makes it an ideal endpoint for service providers and larger scale installations.

Elegant design
Four-line backlit B/W display
Dual Stack IPv4 / IPv6
WLAN ready
Gigabit switch
Wall mountable
5 configurable LED function keys
4 identities (lines)
Wideband HD audio
Hands-free operation/speakerphone
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
XML Minibrowser
USB Port

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Snom D725
Snom D725

Snom D725

Snom D725

D725 Desk Telephone

For when you need a complete overview of all calls at your fingertips

The D725 has 18 freely programmable multi-colour function keys in three rows – a design that allows D725 users to have a complete overview of all calls at their fingertips. This, combined with the ability to support up to twelve SIP identities, makes the Snom D725 handset an ideal candidate for intensive phone usage.

The D725’s Gigabit Ethernet switch meets demanding telephony connectivity requirements, while its USB port enables the use of accessories for greater connectivity options. The optional D7 expansion module can be attached for additional function keys. The advanced speaker and microphone system and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) ensure that the D725 delivers cutting-edge audio performance with superior, crystal clear call quality.

Quick Summary

Elegant design
18 multi color function keys
Wideband audio
USB Port
Gigabit switch
12 SIP identities
VLAN support
Warranty 2 years

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Snom D735
Snom D735

Snom D735

Snom D735

D735 Desk Telephone

The world’s first sensor-supported IP telephone

The new Snom D735 hits the right notes thanks to its timeless design and the two modern colour variants – this telephone is on the cutting edge, both technically and in terms of appearance.

The high-resolution 2.7” colour display is surrounded by eight multicoloured function keys that you can label yourself.

In order to constantly show the user all the important information they could need, the Snom D735 has a built-in motion sensor – the first VoIP telephone in the world to have such a feature! As soon as the user’s hand approaches the display or the function keys, the display springs to life and automatically shows all the relevant key assignment information. When you move your hand away again, the display reverts to its normal mode. This smart sensor expands the functionality of the D735 enormously and supports the user in their day to day activities.

Of course, the Snom D735 also benefits from the tried and tested HD audio quality that has become standard for our telephones. Thanks to this quality, you would be excused for thinking that the person you’re talking to were sitting right next to you! This is made possible due to the integrated ‘Digital Signal Processors’ (DSP), which optimise sound quality in real time, filter out background noise and do so much more. Three-way conferences are also possible with next to no effort.

The Snom D735 also has an integrated gigabit switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, as well as a USB port so you can swiftly connect accessories, like USB headsets, to the device.

The Snom D735 is a compact all-rounder and is perfect for all possible uses thanks to its modern and smart functions, as well as the timeless design and colour variants. The new optimised firmware allows each user to forward calls at the touch of a button, initiate conference calls or mute the telephone temporarily.


High-resolution 2.7” graphical TFT display
32 self-labeling function keys (8 physical)
Sensor technology enables responsive UI
Wideband hands-free talking (speakerphone)
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality
2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (RJ45)
Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 2
USB headset ready
D7 Expansion Module ready
Support for USB WiFi stick
Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support for wireless headsets

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Snom D745
Snom D745

Snom D745

Snom D745

D745 Desk Telephone

High-resolution display and self-labelling keys

Aesthetically appealing and highly practical, the D745 desk phone is a prime solution for those who utilize the telephone in daily work. It is not only easy to use but also cost-effective for large-scale deployment. Its elegant design complements even the most prestigious surroundings, and its high/low angle foot stand allows for maximum user comfort and efficiency. Wideband HD audio ensures crystal clear sound quality, and features such as call management, customizable call lists and address book are provided on a high-resolution graphical display. A second screen supports four virtual pages, offering a total of 32 programmable keys with multicoloured LEDs. The D745 includes a high-speed USB port to connect accessories such as headsets or WiFi dongle, and a gigabit Ethernet switch for connecting LAN or VPN clients to provide an additional layer of security.

Key Features

High-resolution display
Dual display
8 (32) configurable, self-labeling, multicoloured LED keys
Gigabit switch
USB port
Wideband audio
12 SIP identities

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Snom D765

Snom D765


D765 Desk Telephone

A desk phone with HD audio and a rich visual information display

The D765 combines ease of use, versatility, design quality and audio performance. It offers a 3.5” high-resolution colour TFT display that delivers rich information – such as presence and photo caller ID – to the user. 16 freely programmable multicolour function keys can be configured for a variety of one-touch telephony functions such as speed dial, busy lamp field or presence indication.

This desk phone features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, built-in Bluetooth compatibility and a high-speed USB port for easy connection of accessories including a USB or Bluetooth headset, a WiFi stick or a D7 expansion module. Superior audio quality is delivered by the advanced speaker and microphone system and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Quick Summary

Elegant design
High-resolution colour display
16 LED function keys
Wideband audio
USB connectivity
Gigabit switch
12 SIP identities
Built-in Bluetooth compatibility
Warranty 2 years

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Snom D785

Snom D785


D785 Desk Telephone

Next Generation VoIP

The Snom D785 belongs to the latest generation of advanced Snom IP phones. Elegantly designed (Black and white) and featuring a large high-resolution colour display and a convenient second screen for dynamic contact management as well as integrated Bluetooth, this IP phone has all the functions necessary to fulfil even the most demanding requirements.

Featuring an integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the Snom D785 has unprecedented HD audio quality. Based on 20 years of experience in audio engineering, Snom provides the best sound quality for every application.

The timeless, modern design of the Snom D785, combined with a large high-resolution colour display is perfect for any working day. The newly designed user interface and second screen make using this telephone more intuitive than ever.

Thanks to the second integrated display many applications can be managed quickly and easily. The D785 allows you to set up 24 one-touch keys to manage group calls and speed dial/function keys by displaying all information dynamically.

The Snom D785 is the perfect combination of advanced technology and elegant design and sets new standards with its intuitive user interface. Due to its high-resolution colour display and practical second screen, the D785 marks another milestone in the twenty-year history of the VoIP phone pioneer, Snom.


· High-resolution 4.3” TFT-colour display
· Dedicated display for extension monitoring
· Up to 24 BLF keys (6 physical)
· Improved graphical user interface
· Dual-angle footstand: 46° and 28°
· Wall mountable
· Wideband hands-free talking
· Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality

· 2-port 1-Gigabit Ethernet switch (RJ45) IEEE 802.3
· Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 3
· USB headset(1) ready
· D7 Expansion Module(1) ready
· Support for USB WiFi stick
· Electronic Hook Switch (EHS)(1) support for
wireless headsets
· Built-in Bluetooth compatibility

User Interface

· Localization (language, time, dial tone)
· Red LED for call indication / message waiting
· 4 context-sensitive keys
· 6 programmable line / function keys with
multicolor LEDs
· Dedicated keys for: Message, DND, Directory,
Menu, Transfer, Hold, Page switch
· Audio keys with LED indication: Mute,
Speakerphone, Headset
· Volume key
· 5-way navigation key
· OK and Cancel keys
· Menu-driven user interface

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